Health and Safety Training Kits

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This LOHP curriculum is designed to help trainers facilitate informal classes of workers, environmental justice activists, or community residents using action-oriented, participatory methods. It is available in four languages, and was developed by LOHP in collaboration with the Southwest Network for Environmental and Economic Justice. The curriculum consists of two modules (or “kits”) bound together in a single volume:

  1. Protecting Workers from Job Hazards
  2. How Chemicals Affect the Body.

Each module has lesson plans, step-by-step instructions for presenting the material, training tools, games, quizzes, and other activities. Five factsheets are also included:

  • Identifying Job Hazards
  • Controlling Hazards on the Job
  • How Do Chemicals Get Into My Body?
  • Workplace Chemicals and Your Health
  • Toxic Hazards Chart


  • Available in English, Spanish, Chinese, or Korean.
  • 80 pages, 1996, $20.00 each