Tailgate Training for California Construction Workers

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California law requires regular health and safety training on construction sites. How effective is your “tailgate” training program? This LOHP guidebook can help construction foremen and other trainers conduct effective safety training sessions on the job. It has detailed lesson plans on 14 topics. Lessons are organized in an easy question-and-answer format that encourages worker participation. Also included are 14 matching checklists on Cal/OSHA regulations, tips for conducting effective tailgate meetings, a glossary of technical terms, case studies, and factsheets. The book has been completely updated and covers the latest Cal/OSHA regulations. It is based on LOHP’s Tailgate Meetings That Work! (1994), originally developed in collaboration with Associated General Contractors and the State Building and Construction Trades Council of California. The book is also available in PDF format in both English and Spanish.



Backs & Lifting

Espalda y levantamiento (Backs & Lifting)

Fall Protection

Prevención de caídas (Fall Protection)


Barreras de protección (Guardrails)

Hand – Arm Vibration

Herramientas de vibración (Hand – Arm Vibration)

Hand Tools

Herramientas de mano (Hand Tools)

High Voltage Lines

Líneas de alto voltaje (High Voltage Lines)


Limpieza y mantenimiento (Housekeeping)

Portable Ladders

Escaleras de mano (Portable Ladders)

Portable Power Tools

Herramientas portátiles de poder (Portable Power Tools)


Andamios (Scaffolds)

Temporary Power

Electricidad provisional (Temporary Power)

Trenches & Excavations

Zanjas y excavaciones (Trenches & Excavations)

Underground Service Alert

Servicio subterráneo alerta (Underground Service Alert)

Vehicles & Heavy Equipment

Vehículos y equipo pesado (Vehicles & Heavy Equipment)


A few construction safety topics found in our original 1994 book, Tailgate Meetings That Work!, are no longer included in this 2001 edition. Although they have not been updated, these sections of the 1994 book are still available (in English only) on the Electronic Library of Construction Safety and Health website. The American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) offers a version of our original 1994 Tailgate book that has been adapted to cover federal, rather than California, regulations. (Publication #9655.) For more information, contact ACGIH at (513) 742-2020.