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“Pump Handle” Weblog

A weblog (or “blog”) featuring news and opinion about the field of public health, including workplace health and safety. Discusses issues of concern to people in the field, especially subjects not covered adequately by the mainstream media. Named for a well-known public health investigation in London in 1854, where John Snow correctly traced the source of a cholera epidemic to water from a local pump, despite being criticized by the scientific establishment of the time.

Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety

Has an extensive Internet health and safety directory, organized by subject. Site also offers technical databases online and on CD-ROM, as well as Canadian and U.S. regulatory information. All material is in English and French.


This site from the National Library of Medicine features an easy-to-use database showing the links among occupations, specific job tasks, hazardous agents, symptoms, and diseases. Users can search by any of these variables (or any combination of them) and find linked information. Data has been gathered from standard reference works, including textbooks, journal articles, and electronic resources.


A U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services site with links to many health-related initiatives and activities of the federal government. Includes “Healthfinder,” which has consumer health information in both English and Spanish.

ILO Encyclopaedia of Occupational Health and Safety

The International Labour Office’s respected ILO Encyclopaedia of Occupational Health and Safety is now available online. Note that this is now a fee-based subscription service. The link above will take you to subscription information. The book has comprehensive, timely, and accurate coverage of numerous workplace health and safety topics. With contributions by internationally renowned experts, this one-stop reference provides jargon-free answers to the most critical questions.

Institute of Industrial Relations Library, Labor Portal

The IIR Library at UC Berkeley offers this one-stop starting point for labor research, with links to a wide variety of content. The site features several “Web Guides” and “Berkeley Labor Guides” listing hundreds of labor websites and labor materials available online. These Include unions, labor studies programs, labor libraries, government agencies, and more.

Labor Unions and the Internet

The Catherwood Library at Cornell University offers links to hundreds of sites of interest to unions. Includes safety and health links as well as union directories, bargaining information sites, government sites, statistical sites, labor history sites, newsletters, magazines and journals, and much more.

Microwave News

Web version of a newsletter with the latest information on hazards of power lines, electromagnetic fields, cellular phones, etc. Site includes an archive of back issues.

National Library of Medicine – PUBMED

Site offers free access to over 11 million citations in medical literature. Uses MEDLINE and other databases. Extensive search capabilities.

Occupational and Environmental Health Clinics

The nationwide Association of Occupational and Environmental Clinics has an online list of affiliated clinics experienced in treating patients with work-related health problems.

Occupational and Environmental Medicine Listserv

A listserv (e-mail newsletter) devoted to occupational medicine, primarily for public health professionals and clinicians. Includes archive of previous messages. Subscription is free.


An Internet gateway for occupational safety and health information and resources. Has over 1300 links to sites dealing with safety and health hazards, training, and publications. Includes extensive job listings in the field, a directory of safety and health consultants, and a discussion forum.

Safety Online

A site for safety professionals with information on sources of PPE, other safety equipment, and consultants. Has a free online newsletter twice weekly with headlines and short articles.


Digest of safety material from more than 250 journals and from reports by government agencies and other organizations. Updated weekly. Subscription is free. From San Diego State University.

Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition

A pioneering Northern California group that deals with the health impact of the “high tech” industry. Studies the effects on communities, workers, and the environment. Site covers chemicals used in chip and computer manufacturing, water pollution, and worker health issues. Includes a photo gallery, list-serve, publication list, and links to related sites.

XPDNC Labour Directory

A comprehensive international directory listing thousands of labor and labor-related organizations on the web.