Environmental Justice

The Environmental Justice Project links the workplace and the community, bringing together environmental justice organizations with local communities and activists to address environmental problems – particularly where these risks disproportionately burden low-income communities and communities of color. Together, these parties can more effectively help areas that have been affected by hazardous waste, air and water pollution, and toxic chemicals.

The project brings to the forefront the concept that, in addition to being safe for workers, jobs must be environmentally just and not negatively impact their surroundings.

Partnerships have included Southwest Network for Economic and Environmental Justice, the Indigenous Environmental Network, and the Asian Pacific Environmental Network. For the past several years, LOHP also has provided technical assistance to the Just Transition Alliance curriculum team. The Alliance trains workers and community residents impacted by facilities that pollute or produce hazardous waste.


Alliance of Forest Workers and Harvesters
The Alliance is a multicultural membership organization promoting social, environmental, and economic justice. It shares and provides information and education; encourages participation in decisionmaking processes; is mutually supportive and respectful of forest workers’ and harvesters’ cultures, communities, and individuals; and promotes the understanding of each others struggles and issues throughout the Pacific West.

Asian Pacific Environmental Network
APEN seeks to empower low-income Asian Pacific Islander communities to achieve environmental and social justice. The Network believes that the environment includes everything around us: where we live, work and play. And it strives to build grassroots organizations that will improve the health, well-being, and political strength of our communities.

Domestic Workers Safety and Dignity Project
This LOHP project aimed to improve working conditions and change public perceptions of immigrant domestic workers in San Francisco through a multi-media campaign directed to Latina immigrant women and their employers.

Just Transition Alliance
This coalition of environmental justice and labor organizations, frontline workers, and community members who live along the fence-line of polluting industries, works to create healthy workplaces and communities. It focuses on contaminated sites that should be cleaned up, and on the transition to clean production and sustainable economies.

Program in Green Chemistry and Chemicals Policy
The program is housed at the Center for Occupational and Environmental Health, UC Berkeley. It highlights the need for a modern, comprehensive solution to pressing health, environmental and economic problems associated with California’s management of chemicals and products.


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