Collective Bargaining for Health and Safety


This book is a valuable tool for trade unionists who bargain over health and safety issues. It offers advice on bargaining strategies, gathering information, setting priorities, and reviewing both the law and existing contract language.

The heart of the book is an extensive collection of more than 300 sample contract clauses negotiated by unions from across the country and Canada, arranged by topic.

Topics range from rights and responsibilities of labor and management to specific workplace hazards such as heavy lifting, chemicals, and noise.

The handbook is a completely revised edition of a 1980 book by former LOHP Director Paul Chown, which has been used around the world. The new edition adds coverage of many bargaining issues that have emerged in recent years, including ergonomics, indoor air quality, job exposure to infectious diseases, workplace violence, and new technology.


The LOHP Handbook is a must for unions. The struggle for health and safety continues to be an uphill battle. Unions have been in the forefront of this battle by negotiating strong health and safety language into their contracts. The Handbook is a very valuable resource for unions preparing for negotiations. While unions keep fighting to make health and safety the law of the land, they also are working hard to make sure members and their families are protected through their union contracts.” — Margaret Seminario, Director, Occupational Safety and Health Department, AFL-CIO

The Handbook could not have come out at a better time. As employers are stepping up their offensive against better health and safety regulations, in particular OSHA’s proposed ergonomic regulations, and against adequate workers’ compensation benefits for those injured on the job, unions need to take a new look at what can be achieved to prevent injuries through collective bargaining.” — Tom Rankin, President, California Labor Federation, AFL-CIO

This is an invaluable Handbook for union leaders and members, health and safety committees, bargaining committees, and labor educators. It is an excellent resource whether you are new to the field of health and safety or an experienced health and safety professional.” — Kent Wong, Director, Center for Labor Research and Education, UCLA


  • 124 pages, 2000, $20.00.