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Are You a Teen Working in Agriculture? Factsheet

This factsheet covers much of the same information as Are You a Working Teen?, but focuses on teens who do agricultural work in California. Agriculture is one of our most hazardous industries, but has limited child labor and safety regulations. Includes a separate factsheet on workers’ compensation benefits for teens with job injuries.   AVAILABILITY Only available online. Download this factsheet in English or Spanish (pdf)

Are You a Working Teen?

This newly updated factsheet provides important, easy-to-read information for teens and their parents on workplace rights and responsibilities, job hazards, prohibited work, and legal work hours for teens in California. AVAILABILITY Available online. English version Spanish version ORDERING INFORMATION Available in English & Spanish $1 per copy

Facts for Employers – Safer Jobs for Teens

This factsheet provides information on workplace health and safety for employers who hire teens. It includes a compliance checklist of key labor and Cal/OSHA regulations to help employers provide safe and legal work for youth. AVAILABILITY Available online. English version Spanish version ORDERING INFORMATION Available in English & Spanish $1 per copy

Health and Safety Training Kits

   This LOHP curriculum is designed to help trainers facilitate informal classes of workers, environmental justice activists, or community residents using action-oriented, participatory methods. It is available in four languages, and was developed by LOHP in collaboration with the Southwest Network for Environmental and Economic Justice. The curriculum consists of two modules (or “kits”) bound together in a single volume: Protecting Workers from Job...

Keeping California’s Youth Safe on the Job [Report]

The California Partnership for Young Worker Health and Safety, with which LOHP is affiliated, has released a new set of recommendations, “Keeping California’s Youth Safe on the Job.” This statewide task force includes representatives from 25 different agencies and organizations that play a role in educating or protecting working teens. Recommendations were developed and revised based on input from Partnership members, as well from...

Returning to Work After a Job Injury: Tools for Injured Workers and Unions

This LOHP booklet is now available in English, Spanish, and Chinese. It includes important information and resources that unions can use to negotiate with employers to allow injured members to return to work. The booklet demonstrates how employers can save money, avoid fines and penalties, and increase overall health, productivity, and competitiveness of the business by designing and implementing effective return-to-work programs. Also included...

Teens Speak Out for Safety on the Job

Since 2005, over 150 enthusiastic young people from throughout California have attended one of our Young Worker Leadership Academies (YWLAs) on workplace health and safety. The YWLA is a fun, activity-packed, all-expense-paid leadership training for teens. It prepares teams of teens to go back to their communities and create an education, policy, or media project that promotes workplace safety for young people. Because the...

Teens, Work, and Safety: A Curriculum for High School Students

Designed by and for teachers, this curriculum presents the basics of workplace health and safety to young people in a lively and interesting way. It can be used in academic high school classes as well as in vocational and work experience programs. Three teaching units, each 3-5 hours in length, are for use in high school English, Science, and U.S. Government classes. There is...

Young Agricultural Workers Research Report

Click below to see LOHP’s research report on young agricultural workers in California, prepared for the California Wellness Foundation and the University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources in 1997. The report analyzes employment trends and injury data. AVAILABILITY Available online. Young Agricultural Workers in California (PDF) (1997)

Young Workers at Risk: Health and Safety Education and the Schools [Report]

Click below to see a pioneering 1994 report on teens in the workplace by LOHP’s Robin Baker and Diane Bush. The report advocates increased efforts to present workplace health and safety information in secondary schools, and gave rise to LOHP’s Young Workers Project and curricula. AVAILABILITY Available online. Young Workers at Risk: Health and Safety Education and the Schools (PDF) (1994)

Youth@Work — Talking Safety Curriculum for California

The new Youth@Work–Talking Safety is a fun, free and engaging curriculum that helps teachers and school/community-based job placement staff educate young people about the basics of job safety and health. The curriculum presents essential information and career-readiness skills through a focus on eight core competencies. The transferable skills gained through the Talking Safety curriculum will help students stay safe and healthy now and throughout...