Valeria Velazquez, BA

Coordinator of Public Programs
(510) 643-2090


Valeria Velazquez is a program coordinator at U.C. Berkeley’s Labor Occupational Health Program (LOHP).  She has a BA from Duke University and has been at LOHP since 2004.  Ms. Velazquez currently serves as the WOSH Specialist Support Coordinator for WOSHTEP, a state-wide initiative designed to promote the leadership development of “Worker Occupational Safety and Health (WOSH) Specialists”.  She has developed and delivered various occupational heath and safety courses, in both English and Spanish, coordinated follow-up and outreach strategies, authored several publications addressing a range of topics, including sweatshops and immigrant health, and labor unions and health, and given technical assistance to workers, unions, and worker centers.

Her interests include immigrant workers, effective integration of workplace health promotion with occupational health and safety programs, green chemistry’s impact on workers, reframing health and safety in the context of “healthy jobs”, mobilizing labor through health and safety, and global worker health.  She has coordinated trainings internationally for the Asian Network for the Rights of Occupational Accident Victims in Cambodia and the Philippines, and for the Worker Rights Consortium in the Dominican Republic.