Toxics & Tobacco on the Job: Protecting Your Health


This set of materials is designed to teach building trades workers about the combined hazards of toxics and tobacco. Workers in construction have high smoking rates. When nicotine is added to the other toxic chemicals they are already exposed to on the job, their risks for cancer and heart disease skyrocket. Based on LOHP’s original Toxics on the Job (1991), these fully updated and expanded materials were developed in collaboration with the BUILT Project (Building Trades Unions Ignite Less Tobacco) of the State Building and Construction Trades Council of California. The set includes:


These four short teaching units can be presented to workers by apprenticeship instructors and others. Each unit includes training objectives, instructor notes, student activities, and handouts. The 30–60 minute units can be used together or separately. Their participatory approach encourages active student involvement. 66 pages, 2001.


An illustrated student handbook for use with the Instructor’s Manual. It describes common chemicals in the trades, how to find chemical information, the effects of smoking and chewing tobacco, secondhand smoke, and the dangers of combining toxics and tobacco. 56 pages, 2001.


A fast-paced video featuring comedian Will Durst. Explains why tobacco is deadly, especially when combined with job hazards, and how smoking sets a bad example for kids. The tobacco industry works hard to keep blue collar workers hooked, but it is never too late to quit! 8 minutes, 2001. This special low rate is made possible by funding from California Proposition 99, The Tobacco Tax Initiative.


  • Complete set includes Instructor’s Manual, Workers’ Guide and video—$15.00