Karen Andrews, MLS

Assistant Specialist LOHP Library
(510) 643-4335

Karen Andrews is the librarian for the Labor Occupational Health Program (LOHP) at the University of California at Berkeley’s School of Public Health. Karen has more than 13 years experience as a librarian after receiving her masters of library science degree from SUNY Albany in 1996. She currently serves as the Northern California Resource Center Coordinator for the state-wide Worker Occupational Safety and Health Training and Education Program (WOSHTEP). As part of this program, Karen created and periodically updates the online publication Multilingual Health & Safety Resources: A Guide to Worker Training Materials on the Web, writes articles for the WOSH News newsletter, and provides technical assistance to WOSH specialists. Karen is also the Resource Center Coordinator for California’s state-wide School Action for Safety and Health (SASH) project. For this project, she created the Online Health and Safety Resource Guide for School Employees, and will be available to help school districts find additional information and obtain assistance after the trainings.

In her role as LOHP’s librarian, Karen provides technical assistance for a broad international constituency that includes individual workers, labor union representatives, students, teachers and counselors, academics, health and legal professionals, government, public interest groups, and the general public. Karen develops and maintains special collections of materials for LOHP’s various projects which span a wide range of worksites, workers, and topics including hazardous waste, construction, green jobs, young workers, agriculture, workers’ compensation, environmental justice, and popular education, among many others. Karen provides in-depth research for LOHP’s academic staff. Karen oversaw the retrospective conversion of the library catalog from printed to online format, and the conversion of the LOHP library’s call number system to the Library of Congress call number system to bring the collection in line with others on the UC Berkeley campus. Karen is also part of the reference team at the UCB Sheldon Margen Public Health Library.


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