Charlotte Chang, DrPH MPH

Coordinator of R2P and Evaluation
(510) 643-8901

Charlotte Chang has been with at LOHP since September 2010. For the last several years, Charlotte has studied and evaluated multi-stakeholder partnerships for prevention that play integral roles in improving the relevance and the dissemination of research and interventions for workers and communities. She currently is engaged in case study research and evaluation of a range of “research to practice” (R2P) collaborations for worker health and safety in the construction industry. Previously, Charlotte facilitated the evaluation of a successful community-based participatory research partnership studying restaurant worker health and safety in San Francisco’s Chinatown involving immigrant restaurant workers, a community-based organization, the local health department, and local universities. Charlotte’s interests are in immigrant worker health and safety, partnerships, participatory research, evaluation, and translational research. She has the privilege of collaborating with other coordinators on a range of LOHP projects on the research and evaluation components. Charlotte’s interests are in immigrant and occupational health, participatory research, and research to practice.

Charlotte will teach the Health and Social Behavior course for UC Berkeley’s On-Campus/Online MPH Program in Summer 2013, and previously taught Theories of Health and Social Behavior at SPH. Prior to LOHP, Charlotte conducted communications research for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and served on the board of the Asian/ Pacific Islander Domestic Violence Research Project in Washington, D.C. She received her DrPH from the UC Berkeley School of Public Health and her MPH from the University of Michigan.


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