Alejandra Domenzain, MA

Coordinator of Public Programs
(510) 643-2090

Alejandra Domenzain started her work in the field of low-wage immigrant workers at National Council of La Raza in Washington, DC writing curricula and providing training and technical assistance to community-based organizations around the country. Then, she worked with the UCLA Labor Occupational Safety and Health Program in Los Angeles focusing on workers in the informal economy. At the Garment Worker Center, she was a health educator, advocate, and program manager. She went on to serve as Assistant Director of Sweatshop Watch, working on state-wide campaigns and policy initiatives in coalition with other advocates of low-wage immigrant workers. Alejandra has also worked in the field of international development, adult education, and as a credentialed public school teacher. She has a MA in Urban Planning and in Latin American Studies from UCLA and a Bachelor’s in Science of Foreign Service from Georgetown University.


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