Research to Practice (R2P) Roadmap

r2p roadmap

The Research to Practice (r2p) Roadmap is a tool designed to help occupational safety and health researchers strategically think about how to move their research findings into the world for impact.

As part of LOHP’s outreach for the Region 9 NIOSH Education Research Center (ERC), staff partnered with CPWR – The Center for Construction Research and Training to adapt CPWR’s construction-specific Research to Practice (r2p) Roadmap for General Industry. (Click here for CPWR’s Construction-Specific Research to Practice Roadmap.)

The Roadmap walks researchers through a series of questions to guide their dissemination journey. These include considering goals, target audiences, critical partners, dissemination strategies, communication channels, resource needs, barriers, and possible evaluation measures.

The Roadmap consists of a guidance document and a worksheet: