LOHP Project List

LOHP Project List 2016-2017


Aerosolized Transmissible Disease (ATD) Standard

  • Trainings on the Cal/OSHA ATD standard for health care workers, with SEIU Nurses Alliance and the Coalition of Kaiser Unions


Climate Change Curriculum for Unions

  • Two-hour curriculum and Train-the-Trainer for organizers to engage union leaders and rank and file members in efforts to address climate change, with UCB Labor Center and CA Labor Federation


Foundations for Safety Leadership Program in Construction

  • Materials and toolbox talks for the Center for Construction Research and Training’s (CPWR’s) leadership program that aims to improve the safety climate in construction sites


Healthy Jobs in the Food Systems

  • Collaboration with the Berkeley Food Institute and other UC researchers to develop joint initiative with the goal of achieving healthy, fair, and just jobs for workers across the food chain
  • Qualitative research to assess indigenous farmworkers’ perceptions and experiences about occupational health hazards, ability to take action, and challenges and opportunities for interventions, in partnership with Centro Binacional para el Desarrollo del Indígena Oaxaqueño


Sexual Harassment/Assault on the Job

  • Report released, “The Perfect Storm: How Supervisors Get Away with Sexually Harassing Workers Who Work Alone at Night,” (http://lohp.org/the-perfect-storm/) summarizing research on sexual harassment and assault among janitors and security guards – report includes worker stories
  • Training for janitors and hotel housekeepers on addressing sexual harassment, working with Building Skills Partnership and Working Partnerships USA, funded by OSHA Harwood grant
  • Participation in statewide coalition and advisory board to determine the content for required sexual harassment training for all janitors under AB 1978


Nail Salon Workers and Owners

  • Expanded health and safety training includes wage and hour rights and new “taking action” modules, in partnership with the California Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative
  • Statewide assessment of outreach and education needs in the nail salon community and issued recommendations for the state labor agency, Department of Industrial Relations


Temporary Workers

  • Resources and training for temporary workers and staffing agencies, as part of WOSHTEP
  • Co-hosts of a UC symposium on the Changing Nature of Work to discuss implications for temporary workers and other workers in the “gig” or contract economy


Workload as a Health and Safety Concern for Janitors

  • Research through six focus groups statewide with janitors to understand the extent and types of changes in workload in the last 20 years, and the impact of increased workload on the janitors’ physical and mental health
  • Report for the Commission on Health and Safety and Workers’ Compensation


Occupational Health Internship Projects – Summer 2016

  • Hazards of the Jack-Leg Drill for miners, with the Laborers Union, UC Ergonomics program, Occupational Health Branch-CA Department of Public Health
  • Scheduling rights for San Francisco retail workers, with Chinese Progressive Association
  • Improving working conditions for Latino forest workers in Southern Oregon: Educational interventions in the community, with Northwest Forest Worker Center


Aging Workforce

  • Report for the Commission for Health and Safety and Workers’ Compensation with recommendations for promising strategies, best practices, and potential interventions to address needs of aging workforce, following round table discussion with key stakeholders



California Worker Occupational Safety & Health Training & Education Program (WOSHTEP)

  • Specialist Course for workers (offered in English, Spanish, and Chinese) to develop leadership skills in addressing health and safety issues at work
  • IIPP Training Program for small businesses (materials available in English, Spanish, Chinese and Vietnamese for providing training to workers in restaurants, the janitorial industry, general industry, and agriculture)
  • Short hazard awareness sessions on a variety of health and safety topics (ergonomics, chemical hazards, other)


Construction Safety

  • Collaboration with CPWR – Center for Construction Research and Training – to develop and evaluate strategies for moving health and safety research into practice (r2p) in the construction industry
  • Assessment and recommendations of models for integrating occupational safety and health into Career Technical Education construction programs in community colleges (funded by CPWR)
  • Training on construction hazards with the State Building and Construction Trades Council of CA


Hazardous Waste Worker Training & Environmental Justice

  • English and Spanish “Awareness” Training on chemical hazards
  • 24 Hr & 8 Hr NIEHS Certified HAZWOPER Courses for workers who may be exposed to, work with, treat, or dispose of hazardous waste, including working with the Cypress Mandela Training Center
  • Spanish Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) for promotoras and communities living around refineries
  • Refinery Action Collaborative in Richmond (labor, community, environmental and UC collaborative)


Immigrant/Low Wage Workers

  • Capacity building programs for worker centers, including those working in domestic work, day labor, restaurants, janitorial, recycling, and others
  • Sí, Sé: Promotora Program for Forest Workers: Training and leadership development for promotoras, and guide development of educational materials based on worker stories, including digital stories developed by workers themselves (with Northwest Forest Worker Center and University of Washington)
  • OSHA Training Grant – work with unions (SEIU 265, UNITE HERE, SEIU-USWW), Working Partnerships USA, Building Skills Partnership, and other organizations to train low wage and immigrant workers in janitorial, food service, hotel housekeeping, cemetery groundskeeping, community rehabilitation programs for workers with disabilities, and other industries


Policy Collaborations

  • Participation in national efforts and development of OSH policy agenda with National Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health and statewide with Worksafe
  • Member of Cal/OSHA’s Advisory Committee and Cal/OSHA Standards Board


School Action for Safety and Health

  • Training for school employees engaged in developing Injury and Illness Prevention Programs
  • Materials available adapted for a national audience


Union Capacity–Building Projects

  • Training programs and technical assistance (upon request) on a range of work and health issues and supporting efforts to integrate health and safety into organizing campaigns
  • Training for joint labor-management safety committees


Workers and Employers in the Underground Economy

  • Statewide trainings for community-based and worker organizations on labor rights and strategies to support workers with problems at work – focus on low-wage, immigrant workers in the underground economy (agriculture, construction, restaurants, automotive and garment)
  • Trainings on health and safety and labor rights for workers, in English and Spanish
  • Collaboration with DIR’s Labor Enforcement Task Force to develop multilingual materials for workers (All Workers have Rights in California) and employers in these industries


Workers with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) Projects

  • Training programs for employers, supportive employment agencies, and high school transition teachers using the Staying Safe at Work Curriculum for Teaching Workers with DD (which has been adopted by NIOSH – National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health – as a NIOSH document)


Young Worker Projects

  • California Partnership for Young Worker Health & Safety – coordinate Safe Jobs for Youth Month each May (including poster and video contest) and other efforts to promote safe jobs
  • Young Worker Leadership Academy, held annually, to develop leadership skills among youth who then implement projects in their communities
  • Teens Lead @ Work: Peer-Led training on Workplace Violence Prevention
  • Training for teachers to teach young workers, including young workers with disabilities



  • Technical assistance to address questions or direct to resources
  • Online Multilingual Resources Guide lists health and safety resources on a range of topics in various languages, updated and with links (http://lohp.org/library/multilingual-guide/)
  • Educational material for workers in a range of occupations and for small businesses