Nail Salon Health and Safety


LOHP recently released an update of its popular booklet, Stay Healthy and Safe While Giving Manicures and Pedicures.  Available in English and Vietnamese, the booklet provides practical tips that nail salon workers can use to protect themselves from chemical exposure, ergonomic hazards, and infectious diseases.   In response to the growing demand for “green” salons, this booklet also suggests ways in which salons can protect the environment while also protecting the health of workers and consumers.

Over the past four years, LOHP has partnered with the California Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative to provide free workplace health and safety trainings to nail salon workers and owners using this booklet.  The training encourages workers and owners to take action and adopt concrete changes in their salons.  In our post-training evaluations, workers and owners report making changes such as wearing gloves, opening doors and windows for ventilation, taking stretching breaks, etc.

Nail Salon Booklet: Stay Healthy and Safe While Giving Manicures and Pedicures


Let’s Talk About Health and Safety (English) (Vietnamese) is a set of flashcards that allows workers to practice speaking in English in response to difficult health and safety situations.


Here is what some of the participants have said about the LOHP-California Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative trainings:

I learned about disinfecting tools a long time ago from school.  It’s helpful to be reminded.  I follow these steps in keeping my tools clean.  — nail salon worker

The training gives you ideas to see what is harmful and expands your knowledge… People are trying to help the nail salon industry develop and grow in a good way and that makes me happy.  — nail salon worker

I want all people in the store to know about health so it can be easier and better for all of us.  The clients will be happy too.  — nail salon owner

Follow this link to find a Healthy Nail Salon near you. These nail salons are recognized as Healthy Nail Salons by the San Francisco Department of the Environment. Look for the Healthy Nail Salon sticker in the window of your salon.


Helen Chen