Labor History & Photos

Child Labor Photos by Lewis Hine

The George Eastman House in Rochester, New York is sponsoring a travelling exhibit of photos by noted documentary photographer Lewis Hine. The collection, Let Children Be Children, features 54 of Hine’s historical black and white images of child labor in the U.S. The exhibit was in San Francisco in 2003 and in Los Angeles in the spring of 2004.The photos from Let Children Be Children can be viewed on the George Eastman House website.

David Beacon Photo Collection of Work and Safety

Dorothea Lange Photo Collection

The Oakland Museum of California has an extensive collection of the work of documentary photographer Dorothea Lange. Photo archives and a slide show are online. Lange photographed Native Americans, migrant farm families, residents of Japanese-American relocation camps, and other workers in the 1930s and 1940s.

Ken Light Photo Collection of Work and Safety

An online collection of photos, paintings, murals, buttons, banners, flyers, and songs celebrating U.S. labor history. Includes a new gallery, Art from the Waterfront, with paintings of San Francisco longshore workers and waterfront work from the 1930s through the 1950s. Also has collections featuring other trades as well as black history material.

Lost Labor

A selection of 155 vintage photos showing “vanished American workers 1900-1980.” Workplace scenes emphasize occupations that no longer exist in the U.S. such as icemaking and hatmaking. Honors the role of people who helped build industrial America.

Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

Site includes photographs, oral histories, bibliographies, cartoons, and more.

U.S. Library of Congress Photo Resources

The U.S. Library of Congress also has numerous photo resources on the web, including Lewis Hine’s images of child labor.