Day Laborers’ Health and Safety


LOHP collaborates with day labor programs in the greater Bay Area to provide training on health and safety and workers’ rights. Training is focused on hazards present in jobs day laborers are often hired to do, including: construction, landscape and moving/hauling. Examples of current and recent work LOHP has carried out in partnership with day labor centers include:

  1. Developing and providing a series of trainings for the Graton Day Labor Center, focused on green cleaning, effective communication and construction hazards.
  2. Providing training at day labor centers in collaboration with the State Building and Construction Trades Council (SBCTC). Training in recent years has addressed:
    1. Fall prevention
    2. “Focus Four” hazards in construction: falls, struck-by hazards, electrical hazards, and caught-in/between hazards
    3. Ergonomics and power tools
      Day labor centers that received these programs include:

      • Day Worker Center of Mountainview
      • La Raza Centro Legal
  3. Providing hazard awareness training in response to requests.

Day labor centers that have participated include:

  • Berkeley’s Multicultural Institute
  • Concord’s Michael Chavez Center
  • Oakland’s Street Level Health Project
  • Graton Day Labor Center
  • Hayward Day Labor Center