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All Workers Have Rights in California

A new workers’ rights booklet designed to inform workers of their rights in California, is now available online and in print in English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, and Vietnamese versions. These materials were developed by the Department of Industrial Relations and its Labor Enforcement Task Force with assistance from the Labor Occupational Health Program at UC Berkeley. The booklet describes the rights California workers are...

Are You a Teen Working in Agriculture? Factsheet

This factsheet covers much of the same information as Are You a Working Teen?, but focuses on teens who do agricultural work in California. Agriculture is one of our most hazardous industries, but has limited child labor and safety regulations. Includes a separate factsheet on workers’ compensation benefits for teens with job injuries.   AVAILABILITY Only available online. Download this factsheet in English or Spanish (pdf)

Are You a Working Teen?

This newly updated factsheet provides important, easy-to-read information for teens and their parents on workplace rights and responsibilities, job hazards, prohibited work, and legal work hours for teens in California. AVAILABILITY Available online. English version Spanish version ORDERING INFORMATION Available in English & Spanish $1 per copy

Caring for Yourself while Caring for Others: Practical Tips for Homecare Workers

AVAILABILITY Available online. Click to view (PDF). English Spanish Chinese MORE INFORMATION LOHP’s Homecare Project is a community-based participatory research project conducted in partnership with the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, the Alameda County Public Authority for In-home Supportive Services, and the Service Employees United Long Term Care Workers Union.  The project goals are to develop and evaluate interventions designed to improve...

Facts for Employers – Safer Jobs for Teens

This factsheet provides information on workplace health and safety for employers who hire teens. It includes a compliance checklist of key labor and Cal/OSHA regulations to help employers provide safe and legal work for youth. AVAILABILITY Available online. English version Spanish version ORDERING INFORMATION Available in English & Spanish $1 per copy

Health and Safety Training Kits

   This LOHP curriculum is designed to help trainers facilitate informal classes of workers, environmental justice activists, or community residents using action-oriented, participatory methods. It is available in four languages, and was developed by LOHP in collaboration with the Southwest Network for Environmental and Economic Justice. The curriculum consists of two modules (or “kits”) bound together in a single volume: Protecting Workers from Job...

HIV/AIDS and Bloodborne Pathogens Booklet

Click below to see LOHP’s booklet on workplace exposure to HIV/AIDS and bloodborne pathogens. The booklet, Do You Work Around Blood or Body Fluids? Cal/OSHA’s New Rules, was specifically written for nursing home and home healthcare workers but could be useful for other occupations as well. The booklet was originally issued in four languages, but printed copies are no longer available for sale. However, the English-language...

Is Work Making You Sick? Information for Workers Handling Hazardous Chemicals

This bilingual booklet (complete text in both English and Spanish) is intended for employees who work around hazardous chemicals. It points out basic dangers and needed safety precautions in workplaces where chemicals are handled, including hazardous waste sites and clean-up sites. Designed for workers with limited literacy skills, the booklet uses photos, drawings, and a basic vocabulary. It covers laws that protect workers, and...

Janitorial Safety Training Materials

The Janitorial Safety Training Program is available for small business owners and managers who need to train janitorial employees working alone or in small teams to clean buildings. The training materials include a training guide, and focus on health and safety in the janitorial industry. Janitorial Safety Training Materials are available online in both English and Spanish.

Motor Vehicle Safety Programs Factsheet

Every employer whose workers drive on the job should have a comprehensive motor vehicle safety program. The program should provide clear policies, promote safe driving, and ensure that vehicles are maintained in a safe condition. AVAILABILITY Read more about Motor Vehicle Safety Programs by reviewing our factsheets, available in English and Spanish. English Spanish

Restaurant Safety Training Materials

A small business training program is currently available for owners and managers of small restaurants in California. The restaurant training materials are available to read or download in English and Spanish.

Returning to Work After a Job Injury: Tools for Injured Workers and Unions

This LOHP booklet is now available in English, Spanish, and Chinese. It includes important information and resources that unions can use to negotiate with employers to allow injured members to return to work. The booklet demonstrates how employers can save money, avoid fines and penalties, and increase overall health, productivity, and competitiveness of the business by designing and implementing effective return-to-work programs. Also included...

Tailgate Training for California Construction Workers

   California law requires regular health and safety training on construction sites. How effective is your “tailgate” training program? This LOHP guidebook can help construction foremen and other trainers conduct effective safety training sessions on the job. It has detailed lesson plans on 14 topics. Lessons are organized in an easy question-and-answer format that encourages worker participation. Also included are 14 matching checklists on...

Worker Safety in Recycling Facilities

LOHP recently partnered with ILWU Local 6 to train 150 recycling workers in Alameda County on occupational health and safety in the recycling industry and workers’ rights. These recycling workers are exposed to numberous hazards including ergonomic, chemical and biological hazards, as well as high risks for traffic accients, slips, trips, falls and hearing damage. AVAILABILITY To access the LOHP Worker Safety in Recyling...

Workers’ Compensation Guidebook

3rd Edition, 2006, in English and Spanish. LOHP has released the third edition of Workers’ Compensation in California: A Guidebook for Injured Workersin both English and Spanish. The guidebook gives an overview of the California Workers’ Compensation system as of November 2006. It is meant to help workers with job injuries understand their basic legal rights, the steps to take to request workers’ compensation benefits,...