Category: Small Business Safety IIPP Materials and Training Guides

Dairy Safety Training Guide

This Dairy Safety Training Guide will help strengthen your health and safety program by helping you teach your employees about hazards they face to reduce the chance of injury. The Dairy Safety Training Program is designed specifically for dairy owners and managers who need to train employees working in dairies. This training program can help: Prevent job injuries and illnesses. Regular training helps employees learn how...

Janitorial Safety Training Materials

The Janitorial Safety Training Program is available for small business owners and managers who need to train janitorial employees working alone or in small teams to clean buildings. The training materials include a training guide, and focus on health and safety in the janitorial industry. Janitorial Safety Training Materials are available online in both English and Spanish.

Restaurant Safety Training Materials

A small business training program is currently available for owners and managers of small restaurants in California. The restaurant training materials are available to read or download in English and Spanish.

Small Business Safety Training Materials

Small business safety training materials are currently available in English. All materials in the small business packet may be viewed or downloaded in PDF form below.