Category: Other Occupational Hazards

Removing Graffiti Safely

This is a 12-page booklet for workers who use chemicals to remove graffiti— painters, laborers, custodians, bus cleaners, phone booth cleaners, and others. The products used to remove graffiti, and the job conditions, can be hazardous. AVAILABILITY Available online. English only (PDF) (2004)

Wood Dust and Occupational Asthma

This is an 8-page booklet for workers who may be exposed to wood dust on the job. Thousands of Californians work with wood every day in furniture or cabinet-making shops, construction, logging, sawmills, paper mills, or plants that make plywood, particle board, or fiberboard. Breathing wood dust can cause a variety of health problems, especially asthma. AVAILABILITY Available online. English only (PDF) (2004)