Category: Research Reports

Immigrant Workers in California

Click below to see a report by the Working Immigrant Safety and Health (WISH) Coalition, a new group brought together by LOHP. LOHP and WISH developed the report and co-sponsored a 2002 Berkeley conference. WISH includes community-based organizations, unions, immigrant rights advocates, health care providers, and local and state agencies. AVAILABILITY Available online. Improving Health and Safety Conditions for California’s Immigrant Workers (PDF) (2002)

Keeping California’s Youth Safe on the Job [Report]

The California Partnership for Young Worker Health and Safety, with which LOHP is affiliated, has released a new set of recommendations, “Keeping California’s Youth Safe on the Job.” This statewide task force includes representatives from 25 different agencies and organizations that play a role in educating or protecting working teens. Recommendations were developed and revised based on input from Partnership members, as well from...

Las Vegas Hotel Report

Click below to see a report by LOHP staff and other researchers, commissioned by HERE Local 226 in Las Vegas. The study sought to find links between the health and working conditions of hotel housekeepers. It was conducted in 2001 and early 2002 by a team led by Niklas Krause, M.D., a UC San Francisco epidemiologist. The team included LOHP’s Pam Tau Lee and...

Refinery Safety in California: Labor, Community and Fire Agency Views – Summary Report

The LOHP Refinery Safety Report to the California Governor’s Interagency Task Force on Refinery Safety, commissioned by the Task Force, presents findings from a series of meetings that Mike and colleagues convened with labor unions, community-based organizations, fire agencies, and environmental health groups. It was requested as part of the Governor’s efforts to improve refinery safety in the wake of the August 6, 2012 explosion...

The Perfect Storm: How Supervisors Get Away with Sexually Harassing Workers Who Work Alone at Night [Report]

LOHP recently investigated the problem of sexual harassment and sexual assault among janitors and security guards, also known as property service workers.  Our new report complements the UC Berkeley Labor Center’s report on wage theft in the property services industry, Race to the Bottom. We offer recommendations for implementing and enforcing effective sexual harassment policies (the report describes elements of a model policy that...

Workers’ Compensation Research Reports

Click below to see our research reports on the experiences of injured workers and other parties involved with the California workers’ compensation system. Both reports were prepared for the Commission on Health and Safety and Workers’ Compensation. The 2001 report was a joint project of LOHP staff with UC Berkeley’s Institute of Industrial Relations and Center for Occupational and Environmental Health. AVAILABILITY Available online. You...

Young Agricultural Workers Research Report

Click below to see LOHP’s research report on young agricultural workers in California, prepared for the California Wellness Foundation and the University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources in 1997. The report analyzes employment trends and injury data. AVAILABILITY Available online. Young Agricultural Workers in California (PDF) (1997)

Young Workers at Risk: Health and Safety Education and the Schools [Report]

Click below to see a pioneering 1994 report on teens in the workplace by LOHP’s Robin Baker and Diane Bush. The report advocates increased efforts to present workplace health and safety information in secondary schools, and gave rise to LOHP’s Young Workers Project and curricula. AVAILABILITY Available online. Young Workers at Risk: Health and Safety Education and the Schools (PDF) (1994)