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All Workers Have Rights in California

A new workers’ rights booklet designed to inform workers of their rights in California, is now available online and in print in English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, and Vietnamese versions. These materials were developed by the Department of Industrial Relations and its Labor Enforcement Task Force with assistance from the Labor Occupational Health Program at UC Berkeley. The booklet describes the rights California workers are...

Health and Safety Training Kits

   This LOHP curriculum is designed to help trainers facilitate informal classes of workers, environmental justice activists, or community residents using action-oriented, participatory methods. It is available in four languages, and was developed by LOHP in collaboration with the Southwest Network for Environmental and Economic Justice. The curriculum consists of two modules (or “kits”) bound together in a single volume: Protecting Workers from Job...

Restaurant Safety Training Materials

A small business training program is currently available for owners and managers of small restaurants in California. The restaurant training materials are available to read or download in English and Spanish.